Fred Clay's Water Conservation Ideas

Without spending a lot of money on Rain Barrels and New toilets, there are tons of ways each of us can conserve water and reintroduce existing water back into our individual landscapes.

Atlanta in particular does not have a closed system for water, so anything we put down the drain, a portion of it is lost in treatment and the rest is released down stream to other municipalities. This goes the same for storm water, it is all shiped south instead of being treated and reintroduced to our own water system.

Our environment is starting to suffer from the drought. Its not that a pine tree will die under these circumstances, they can live for years, but unlike a healthy pine that can fight them off, a drought stressed one is susceptible to pine beetles that can destroy whole forests in a month. This fact goes across the board for all plants, that when stressed are susceptible to insect and disease.

If we take the water we're not going to use, and instead of putting it down the drain, dumped it outside. It would stay in our area, nurish our drought stressed plants and recycle into our environment causing more rain events locally. its all a system, and as we humans continue to pull away from the system we're eventually going to cause a snap, and everything we know will have to be changed to survive.

now's our opportunity to support our ecosystem so it can continue to support us.

Water Recomendations:
Fill a Gallon Milk jug up with water and put it in the back tank of your toilet. It will act as a Low Flow toilet from now on and only use 1.5 gal per flush, as opposed to 2.5. That's a substantial difference.

Put buckets under water spouts. in the sink, in the shower, anywhere you're running water to do things like brush your teeth or wash a dish. Be diligent with artificial substances, only use organic biodegradable soaps and detergents if you put it into the water you throw outside. any hazardous chemicals you use should go back into the municipal system for treatment.
When you fill up the bowl or bucket, just open the window and toss it outside. If you have house plants, water them with that water, if you don't, just release it back into our environment to nurish the whole system.

Navy showers, Turning H2o off while brushing your teeth, Scraping plates rather than Washing them before putting them into the dishwasher; these are all pretty standard things you hear to save water. Saving water from boiling pasta or steaming vegetables.

If its Yellow let it Mellow, If its Brown flush it Down.
In the Land of Sun and Fun, Don't flush just Number One.
These are great practices to do at work, but be an agent of change. Write it on post it notes and hang it in bathrooms at work or the gym or restaurants. Shit, right that slogan on the wall in sharpie. We gotta start doing something about our practices now before its too late.

Don't be fooled into thinking that drinking bottled water or using paper plates will save water. It takes 3 gallons of water to produce 1 gallon of bottled water. This practice of constant plastic production without recycling is going to catch up with us a lot sooner than we expect it to. Paper plates also require a large amount of water, more than the amount to wash your dish, to produce. It seems like a good idea, but it isn't. That isn't even figuring in the amount of energy it uses to transport these products to your local mega-lo-mart.

Home owners, ditch the lawn. Its a waste and there are other things that can grow with less water and look just as nice, and plus, you won't have to mow, and u know that gas lawnmowers produce higher concentrations of carbon emissions than the highly regulated automobile industry, we ust don't run them as often so they aren't regulated. If you have a house, you have to save water in rainbarrels to water your plants. There's no excuse wasting all of our collective water to water your plants when you're wasting naturally occuring runoff. If you have a rainbarrel, get a second one, or a third one. You can capture as much water as barrel space that you have. In a thunderstorm a chain of 10 barrels can fill in a matter of hours.

I don't have to tell you to recycle. Not recycling should be a crime. The same goes for composting, anything organic, non-meat product, from the junk mail that you get, to the packaging of any product we receive. To the kitchen scraps, coffee grinds, yard waste, lawn clippings.

EVERYTHING organic needs to be kept out of landfills and renurishing our own landscapes. If your lifestyle permits, an additional way to reduce water and reintroduce beneficial elements back into the environment instead of leaching it out through treatment is to collect urine for your compost pile.
Its easiest for guys, just piss on the pile. If you want to keep a bucket in the bathroom, bravo to you! they make those hospital urine collectors, bet u could find one on ebay.

Why is this a good idea? When leaves dry, and things turn brown the nitrogen is lost from the material leaving only carbon. To break down the carbon molecules you need nitrogen to allow bacteria to release those nutrients back into the environement. Remember also that compost is a soil improver, especially essential in our clay soils of the soil, it has a very low actual fertilizer content, but the benefits of tilth soil go further than fertilizer ever could.

Plant drought resistant. Plant Native. Plant the things you see that are pretty that grow in the wild or along highways. Plant variety. We need to combat our ever decreasing species diversity issue. The south is about to loose 3 major animal populations. Likewise the altamaha region is in dire peril, as the drough continues, and we continue to prevent water from flowing through this area, the last of georgia's true loblolly pine forests are sure to be destroyed by fire. A healthy loblolly forest thrives in fire, the nutrient rich soils providing nourishment for the trees. The thick bark, though scortched, protects the living tree from dying, without the water necessary to prevent burn, entire forests will go up.

Thats about all I got for now. We all need to wake up, get our heads out of the sand, and realize how we're aggresively changing our enviornment. And sure, nothings going to happen for 50, 100, 200 years, but think of your children, your grand children, they might just be ideas now, but one day they'll be here and you'll be responsible for ruining their environment. You don't want to do that to them? Do you? Lets wake up. Start doing something about it, now.

i read 300 entries

i haven't been on LJ in... 6 months probably.. except a second to make fun of Chris Crocker. its... the exact same.. the same people posting the same sorta stuff. i was bored, so i read and read and read, answered some unanswered gardening questions, and stalked a few people i knew when i was 5...

ah, good old internet..

incase u haven't been..

Do you remember when...?

I don't know if you all remember this art_fag member from 3 or 4 years ago. He was asked to leave the community around 2 years ago. Since then he's made a prolific career of these little video diaries. He performs these little skits in his bedroom.

Can I just say in response to Chris.. Get offline, Get a life, Have some FUN with your life.

This video made the news and a bunch of viral websites, like Perez Hilton. But lets get a clue, no one is laughing with you, everyone in the world is laughing at you, and at all gay people, because it is being portrayed that we are all crying sissies that want britney to make a comeback.

Personally, she could lick my shoe and I wouldn't give her a dollar. She's white trash, but this isn't about her, its about him.

Stop giving us all a bad name dude, Keep your videos to yourself, find a boyfriend, get laid, and stop obsessing. Oh yeah, and I know a good DR that can get you some meds on the cheap.

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i think i've worn the same pants for the past week and a half. no plans to wash them in the near future. (i'm wearing them now)

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I had the house inspected today. I'll need to get a new roof in the next 5 years, which is quite an expense!!! like 4-5gs for a house as big as mine.

The thing that really burns my toast about this house, is that it is a federal law that all houses have to have a stove or something, so the owners went out and bought a gas stove, but its setup for electric. So this gas stove is going to cost 500 bucks to hookup to a new gas line. not cool.

So i have to find a new stove, and sell the gas stove on ebay/craigslist. I also need to buy a Washer/Dryer, since I don't have one. There are a ton of small things I have to do, grates and covered.

they always said he was smart

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he's such a sucker for the car, he thinks we're going to the cabin, i drove past where he was and he was like, oh crap, and ran to the car.

then get back inside and was like, ooh, u'r a bad boy, but was still petting him and stuff, and then told him to get on my bed, and he jumped, missed the bed and fell on the floor ontop of the cat, totally an accident.

how can he be so smart, and so stupid at the same time.

i feel like i'm raising a rusian double agent